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Programming in Minecraft

For knowledge of the world, the acquisition of new knowledge about sciences, outer space, the life of ancient people and their history, an educational version of the Minecraft game was created. It's an amazing adventure and journey that kids can take virtually.

Information is presented in an interactive, gamified form.
This game is ideal for getting started learning programming in Python, one of the most popular programming languages.

Men from Minecraft undergo dangerous tests, participate in archaeological excavations, prevent a nuclear catastrophe, participate in geological expeditions and fly to other planets of neighboring Galaxies.

Fascinating classes are not just entertainment, in the classroom the children broaden their horizons, gain knowledge from various fields of science and nature, look at geometry and mathematics from an interesting angle, and virtually take part in chemical and physical experiments.

For parents, this is definitely a joyful event - children do not just play, but learn about the world and at the same time learn to write code.

The Kids&Robots Robotics Club on Segedskaya invites everyone to take part in the "Programming in Minecraft" course. This program is designed for children from 8-10 years old.

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