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Engineering mechanics

Engineering mechanics 8-10 years

Technical education for children 8-10 years old at the Primorskii district. Practical Mechanics.
In the 21st century, technical education is one of the highest priorities not only for adults, but also for children. Every day we are surrounded by many different mechanisms that require an understanding of how they are arranged. And even if the child does not want to connect future with the technical sphere, knowledge in this area will always be a priority for any job (repairing a printer, dealing with defected office equipment, PCs and more).

In order to show the children how the various mechanisms work, we created a special course aimed to the developing technical abilities in school-aged children - Practical Mechanics.

 Mechanics is a part of physics, a science that studies the movement of material things and the interaction between them, or more simply, the principles of the arrangement of machines and mechanisms.

What does the course of technical education of Practical Mechanics for children at the Primorskii district teach about?

At the mechanics classes, young engineers are introduced to a wide range of Technic parts from a world famous designer. It is the details of this series that allow you to make a variety of mechanisms: radio-controlled cars, cranes, funiculars, automatic transmissions and more.

At the lessons, children are taught in a set, which includes the details of the designer, batteries, various motors. The motor is selected depending on the difficulty of the future mechanism, and the remote control allows you to revive the mechanism and make the lesson even more exciting.  The remote control is not the most significant part in the set, but it is definitely the most fascinating, because only it is able to help children in arranging competitions of mechanisms.

During the year, children will get acquainted with:

- various types of mechanical gears;
- physical phenomena which affects the mechanism in real life;
- machines and mechanisms surrounding us: compressed-air machines, machine tools, cable cars, tracked vehicles, airplanes, motorcycles, etc.

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