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Timetable of classes

8-15 years 3D modeling and prototyping in Odessa

My robot project

Invent, model, print, assemble, TAKE HOME.

8 intensive courses in 2 academic years

From the Little Race, through a quadcopter and an all-terrain hovercraft, to its development.

This year our club celebrated its 10th anniversary. In September 2011, we opened the first groups for children from 4 to 12 years old.

Our first students who started with WeDo and Mindstorm's Robotics are from 17 to 22 years old. This is the first independently developed and successfully tested project of our graduates. Two years passed from idea to implementation. The course has already been successfully tested in children's groups from 7 to 11 years old. Now the development and implementation of the third level of complexity - "Independent project"

The idea of ​​the My Robot Project is that the child has the opportunity to study and go through all the stages of developing his own robot: Idea-Sketch-Drawing-Development, modeling and creation of mechanical units - assembly - debugging - programming / piloting.

The first year, in order to be involved in the process, the main focus is on the creation of remotely controlled mechanisms. Racing cars, all-terrain vehicles, walking robots, manipulators.

3D modeling takes place in a simple, accessible, but at the same time, with great capabilities program Tinkercad.

In the process of modeling, children learn the basics of drawing, the simplest (according to age) geometry, are faced with the need to carry out calculations, solve equations, draw up drawings.

All this is printed on a 3D printer, using hand tools such as screwdrivers, file files, mini-drill, screwdriver and soldering iron, etc., the model is assembled, parts are fitted, electrical circuits are soldered, motors are connected, simple programs are written and the mechanism is debugged.

Everything that the child collects in the lessons, at the end of the course remains with him.

During the first two years of study, skills in 3D modeling and all related disciplines are acquired, sufficient to start an independent project. The robot can be either programmable for further transition to learning programming in ARDUINO, Scratch or Python, or piloted using an onboard video camera and FPV goggles.

In the case of a switch of interests, at each stage the student will be ready to move to a group with the study of electronics and programming robots or a group of piloting robots
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