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5-6 years old. Logics.

Further education for children in Odessa is a very important part of child development. Additional lessons should be not only educational, but also interesting. An interesting course will be able to instill in your future first-graders the desire to learn and learn something new.

One of such courses at Kids&Robots Robotics Club is the Logic course. Lessons “Logic” are recommended for children over 5 years old. Their goal is the development of basic mathematical skills that become very necessary at this age, the development of various types of memory. After several lessons, you will be able to see how much easier it became for the child to build logical chains, solve simple problems and examples, understand the task set for the child and justify its solution.

In the lessons, children will learn to count verbally, will develop the basics of spatial imagination and speech, and will also begin to operate with mathematical terms. In our opinion, the course also teaches the child to understand and hear the teacher, to carefully and intently work in the lesson, which increases concentration, ability to work and determination. Classes are designed in such a way that the child leaves full of energy and impressions, rejoicing at his successes.

The aim of the course is to create conditions for the development of children's technical creativity, the development of creative intelligence, which contributes to a positive attitude towards mental work, develops engineering and design skills, increases the child’s self-esteem and opens up new opportunities for the further development of the Personality.

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