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5-6 years old. Mechanics. The basics.

What do children of 5-6 years old want to study? Mechanics.Basics at the Primorskii District

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Course Mechanics.Basics for children 5-6 years old is the second step in the development of mechanics. During the lessons, the kids delve deeper into the learning of moving mechanisms and build mechanisms equipped with motors and a power source. By its example, the mechanism shows young engineers: where can we see these mechanics in our lives, how energy is transferred and what can affect on the operation of various mechanical devices.
However, the basics of mechanics are not only acquaintance with various mechanical devices and physical phenomena. Each new lesson, the kids will develop a lot of skills which will help them easily adapt at school. Skills that children will develop in mechanics lessons:
- perseverance, concentration of attention;
- imagination, creative thinking;
- logical and spatial thinking;
- fine motor skills;
- sociability;
- learn how to work in a team;
Also, little engineers will not be afraid to experiment, take initiative, make mistakes, learn how to speak correctly, using the technical terminology in their phrases and more. They will acquire all these skills by creating unique mechanisms and taking their first steps in mastering the technical sciences.
In the future, students of the Mechanics course.Basics will be able to move on to a more difficult course - WEDO Robotics, at which they will continue to develop their knowledge.
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