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Robotics EV3 Mindstorms

Robotics EV3 Mindstorms 8-12 years old

Initial programming for children 8-12 years old in Odessa. Robotics Mindstorms
One of the biggest problems of the 21st century is an addiction to electronic devices. Now it is difficult to find a child who does not know how to use the phone and does not play at least one game. Many parents try to solve this problem in a variety of ways: prohibitions, restrictions, or just hide phones away from children.
We believe that the most effective way to overcome the child’s desire to use the gadget lots of time is to show him that there is a lot of potential of any gadget and is not limited only to games. Specially for this purpose, an Initial programming course for children in Odessa was developed-Midstorms Robotics.
Robotics is an engineering science that develops automated technical systems and is the most important technical basis for the intensification of production. Robotics is closely connected with such disciplines as electronics, mechanics, computer science.

The Mindstorms Robotics course consists of the lessons in which children learn how to use a fairly serious robotic platform. The platform allows you to simulate and program real robots of any complexity. Each lesson of young engineers is based on a specialized set that includes three servomotors, sensors and a microcontroller, which is responsible for the operation of the mechanism. Interacting with the EV3 set, the guys will learn how to create real robots, from simple robots to funiculars.
Quite often, we are asked the question: “Who programs robots?”, Forgetting that our goal is to teach children to perform all the tasks assigned to them independently. The answer to this question is very simple - students will perform all actions on their own, without any help of a teacher (assembly, writing a program, testing).  If suddenly something is not clear, the teacher will always help and tell to the children how to solve the existing problem, but the children will program or assemble robots by themselves.

Do you want to have a real hobby that can develop into a full-profession in the future? Then  sign up for lessons and study the technical sciences with us:
Robotics EV3 Mindstorms 2 level 8-12 years

IT education for children 8-15 years old in Odessa. Robotics Mindstorms Level 2.
The 21st century is the century of rapidly developing technologies that should be studied not only by adults, but also by children of all ages. If you want young engineers to understand easily the sciences such as engineering, robotics, programming, computer science and mathematics, then you should definitely sign up for IT courses in Odessa from Kids&Robots at Uspenskaya street.
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