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Lessons for children in Odessa “Fundamentals of Logic” are recommended for children from 4 years and older. The “Fundamentals of Logic” is aimed at developing various types of memory in a child, the ability to understand the conditions in a task, teaches oral counting, develops communication skills, helps teach a child to express his thoughts correctly, and this is far from all the advantages of lessons.

The aim of the course is to create conditions for a positive attitude to the exact technical sciences, long calculations and mental work. When it comes time to leave the kindergarten and go to school, the kids will already have a considerable knowledge base, which, of course, will be a huge plus when going through school.

The course develops in a child the ability to correlate information, analyze and justify his point of view, contributes to the development of spatial imagination.

The lessons of "Fundamentals of Design" create ideal conditions for the development of children's technical creativity, the development of creative intelligence, which contributes to a positive attitude towards mental work.

Engineering and design skills are also being developed, the child’s self-esteem is increased, which subsequently opens up new opportunities for the further development of the Person. Robotics Club Kids&Robots

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