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ARDUINO." Smart Home"

Create your first smart home with us! A smart ecosystem in which different sensors work together to organize a single space for device interaction. 
The course is dedicated to creating a scaled-down functional model of a smart home, in which different sensors work together smoothly, organizing a semblance of an Internet network.

In order to realize the project, students will study a variety of different devices:
    - motion sensor;
    - light sensor;
    - a matrix keypad;
    - a line display;
    - temperature and humidity sensor;
    - actuator;
    - magnetic field sensor;
    - tilt and vibration sensor;
    - RGB backlight;
    - Wi-Fi module for connection to the local network.

Children will program the interaction of all these devices, which will create a home security system, smart lighting, a code lock, and many other automated systems.

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