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Robotics Arduino

Dear parents, we are pleased to inform you that the network of Robotics clubs KIds & Robots have launched completely new IT lessons for children in Ukraine - “Robotics Arduino”. The course is aimed at children from 12 to 15 years old and, most importantly, does not require any training. Children receive all future knowledge at lessons in our club. The IT course for children “Arduino Robotics” consists of 36 lessons, each lasting 1 hour and 30 minutes.

In the lessons of Arduino Robotics, children will learn how to work with the world's most popular Arduino platform and create gadgets that are completely unique in concept, embodying the most incredible ideas.

What is an Arduino?

Arduino is a board, no bigger than a matchbox in size. The board has its own memory and processor. Also on it you can see a couple of dozen contacts to which various components are connected:

- light bulbs;
- motors;
- routers;
- Sensors magnetic door locks.

And other components powered by electricity.

How does the processor work?

The Arduino processor is loaded with a program that controls all devices, according to a written algorithm. With the help of the Arduino processor, children can create a huge, and more precisely - an infinite number of unique cool gadgets. A child will create each gadget with his own hands and according to his own idea. Children will write all new algorithms on their own, and if suddenly something does not work out for the children, we will always and fully help them.

The program of the future course:
• What is a microcontroller and an overview of the Arduino programming language
• How to teach an electronic board to think
• How to manage Arduino: development environment
• Electronic components
• What is electricity: voltage and current
• How to tame electricity: resistor, diode, LED
• What are sensors
• Analog and digital signals
• Assembling a mobile robot
• What is a software interface

A network of Kids&Robots Robotics clubs awaits everyone.
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