Toy Robot Review: Kid Galaxy Robot Data

This is one of the best affordable robots for youngsters that you could find.

Hands down.

This remote controlled robot is value for money.

If you have older children, this is also the perfect introductory robot - as it is sturdy and strong.And if you are still undecided, let me tell you that he lights up like a mini-Christmas tree.

 Yes, all children need to establish a first contact with a robot - and as parents we certainly do not want to stress them out.

On the other had, if you try to give your three-year old a robot that is too difficult to handle, the encounter may not end so well.

So, here comes the fantastic Kid Galaxy Robot with its fancy lights and enticing robotic sounds.

 Add in the moving eyes into the package and you know you have a winner on your hands.

Toy robot review: PLEO Dinosaur

Do you want a pet?

No, not the ordinary kind.
A clean pet. One that will help your kids learn responsibility by taking care of a live animal?

One that is self-sufficient, except for the battery recharger.

Is it time for you to have some company with you in your flat?

Enter your new pet ... the PLEO dinosaur!

This original Pleo version comes is green color, and it does look marvelous.

Toy robot review: WowWee Tribot Talking Companion

Do you need a talking buddy?

In fact, do you need an interactive talking humanoid robot?

Still not sure?

What if I add that his talkativeness and dynamic personality will make him the court jester in your family?

This is robotics packed together with comedy - the best combination there is.

Toy robot review: Toysmith 4M Tin Can Robot

Every beginning is exciting!

Is there a more fitting robot than the Toysmith 4M Tin Can Robot to launch Kids & Robots?

Don't think so.

This is robotics for kids stripped down to basics!

Do you want to get your kid interested in science? Physics? Electronics?

Well, try toy robotics!